Powerbait: Is There an Alternative?

Floating Trout Baits

Are there other floating baits besides Berkley’s Powerbait?  And if so do they work edrxcare.com?  Berkley started producing Powerbait back in 1988.  I don’t know if there was competition then or not but now Powerbait has the largest market share.  Berkley has been developing and creating new versions of the original Powerbait since the beginning.  I think that is why they have the market share.   So who is the competition?

Floating Type Dough Bait

  • Fire Bait
  • Paladin Uncle Josh Floating Trout Bait
  • PREDATOR Fish Bait
  • Magic Premium Floating Trout Bait
  • Zeke’s Sierra Gold Floating Trout Bait
  • Mike’s Orange Floating Trout Glo Bait
  • Natura Floating Trout Bait
  • YUM TroutKrilla
  • Eagle Claw Pro Series Trout Bait

Other Floating Trout Bait

  • Mike’s Glitter Glo Mallows
  • All Round Egg Floating Bait

That is quite a list.  Some of these brands I have never seen before.  But the question is,  are there good baits out there that are we never see or use because Berkley has saturated the market with Powerbait products?  Over the coming year I will be testing the other brands in parallel with Powerbait.  And will post the results as I get them.  How is that for an excuse to go fishing?  If you know of a brand that I missed and you like please leave a comment.