Lake and Pond Fishing 1st Post

Lake and Pond Fishing

Fishing Stillwater (lakes and ponds) is my favorite place to fish.  Now that I’m retired, old and suffering from COPD, fishing streams and rivers has become too much work for me to do.  Sitting on the shore of a lake or in a boat is about all the exercise I can handle.  So I decided to start this site focusing on lake and pond fishing techniques.  Also I am a fan of ultra light spin fishing and fly fishing.

I live in the mountains of northern California which is blessed with many lakes and streams.  Most of the lakes are cold water lakes but two of the lakes near me are warm water lakes.  So catfish, bass, bluegill and trout are available to fish for.  I only fish lake that I can drive to.  This area is a paradise for fishermen that like to hike to a lake or stream.

One of my pastimes is boat building.  The boats I build are small (8 to12 foot) light weight designs that are meant to be used for fishing.  I have a frameless pontoon boat and a 12 foot pontoon boat, both inflatable boats.  Also I bought a 10 foot Pond Prowler boat from Bass Pro.  Why do I have so many boats?  I don’t know .  But they are all fun to have and use.

I mounted a remote control wench to the lumber rack on my truck to make loading a boat easier.  The boats I have aren’t that heavy, I just don’t have the strength to lift and load a boat anymore.  I might write an article about the wench mod on my truck, it is really handy for all kind of uses.

Anyway this site is for people that love to fish, likes small boats and wants to use lighter tackle.  That’s it for now.  Please leave a comment.